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Cloud Platform Roadmap Site

I talk to a lot of customers about what's new and what's coming from Microsoft.  It's an awful lot to keep up with - for you and for me!  Luckily, Microsoft is trying to be very transparent about what we're working on, and you can find most of it at the Cloud Platform Roadmap Site at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/roadmap/ 

You'll find content organized by solutions:

  • Cloud infrastructure (Azure, Windows Server, etc.)
  • Enterprise mobility (Intune, Azure AD, Azure RMS, etc.)
  • Data management and analytics (SQL as a service, Power BI, etc.)
  • Application development (Visual Studio Online, dev tools, etc.)
  • Internet of things (Azure Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, etc.)

Beyond that, content is also organized by:

  • Recently available
  • Public preview
  • In Development
  • Canceled (hey, not all of our ideas work out perfectly...)

This is a great site to pay attention to.  We think you'll be impressed at what's coming down the pipe!!

BTW - if you want to see the same roadmap information for Office 365, head over to the Office 365 Roadmap site at http://roadmap.office.com.

Support Corner webcast— supporting common scenarios in OneDrive for Business

Join us Tuesday, April 14th at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET to learn the basics of OneDrive for Business, including using and updating the sync app, working with the OneDrive for Business site and common troubleshooting scenarios.

To add the webcast to your calendar, visit http://summit.office.com/events/support-corner-webcast-supporting-common-scenarios-in-onedrive-for-business-mar-17-2015-9-00am-pst.

Preview of IaaS VM Backup Capability

Microsoft is pleased to announce the preview of IaaS VM backup capability in Azure using the Azure Backup service to provide enterprise-level data protection for workloads running on Azure IaaS.

This preview delivers the use of policy-driven VM-level backup management capabilities to protect Azure IaaS VMs against accidental deletion and data corruption scenarios. This approach incorporates our established design principles for backup, such as:

  • Providing application consistent backups
  • Storing changes efficiently using incremental backup
  • Central management to monitor backups
  • Single-click restore operations
  • Resiliency in all operations to ensure predictable backup SLAs

Now you can backup your Azure VM's to Azure, ensuring their availability.  What could be better?

Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark

Microsoft has added Azure services to the DreamSpark program!  If you have not heard of DreamSpark, it is a program through which academic institutions or students can get free developer and designer tools from Microsoft. If you or someone you love is a student with an EDU email address, they can get Visual Studio Professional and more for no cost and no catch.  And now they can use Azure to test and create apps.

For more information, check out these pages:

Welcome to the East Cloud Blog!!

This blog is a collaborative effort by some of the SLG East Region Cloud Specialists.  Our goal is to keep you informed about the Microsoft cloud, focusing on content most relevant to government customers.  We'll try to update things pretty regularly.

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