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Media Analytics for Azure Media Services in public preview

Media Analytics is a collection of speech and vision services that makes it easier for organizations and enterprises to derive actionable insights from their video files through advanced machine learning technology. Scenarios include evidence analysis, video redaction, intelligent search indexes, speech to text conversion and optical character recognition for any text that might show up in a video.  Finally, be sure to check out the incredible work we ae doing with facial emotion recognition – is the subject happy, upset, guilty?!?!?

For more information, please visit the Azure Blog or the Media Analytics webpage.

Forrester names Microsoft Azure a leader in Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions


Forrester’s first Hadoop Cloud Wave has published and Microsoft is positioned as a Leader, with the strongest scores of any vendor for strategy and for current offering.  Microsoft's cloud implementation of Hadoop is HDInsight, and is part of the larger solution set Cortana Intelligence.  Customers are using HDInsight for IoT, Data Lakes, BI, analytics and other big data solutions.

Check out the Microsoft Azure Blog entry for more details and a link to the Forrester report.

Watch live: SQL Server 2016

March 10, 2016


Companies that transform data into intelligent action are outperforming their competitors and will be the businesses of the future. Hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and customers share how data insights are driving business transformation. Microsoft leaders like Scott Guthrie will also share how customers are embracing data to drive innovation and why SQL Server 2016 has become the industry leader.  The event is in New York City, but you can watch it live if you visit the Data Driven site.  Plus, get exclusive content like the Gartner reports showing SQL Server’s leadership in the industry!


Gartner Magic Quadrant

Share your Excel insights with Power BI

With Power BI publisher for Excel Preview—just announced two weeks ago—you can save snapshots of important PivotTables, charts, cell ranges and more from across all of your spreadsheets to a single location quickly. Select a range or an element in your workbook and, under the Power BI tab, click Pin.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 1

Next, select an existing dashboard from the list or create a new one, click the Pin button and you’re good to go.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 2

Power BI publisher for Excel also allows you to keep your pinned elements up to date with the Pin manager. Download Power BI publisher for Excel to get started today.

Pin Excel elements to your Power BI dashboard

Last November, we announced the ability to pin Excel ranges, tables and charts to your Power BI dashboards. No need to re-format or rebuild your Excel reports—simply upload to Power BI, select a range, a table or a chart, click the Pin button and your Excel tile is now part of your dashboard.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 3

Using Excel reports on Power BI not only allows you to pin content to your dashboards, you can view spreadsheets when you click the respective tile. You can also personalize the way your Excel tiles look and feel, open your Excel reports directly from Power BI or even add Excel workbooks to organizational Content Packs.

Read more here...

Microsoft expands Azure Data Lake to unleash big data productivity

What’s a “data lake?”  It’s a large storage repository that holds data of all sizes and formats.

Azure Data Lake includes all the capabilities required to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and analysts to store data of any size, shape and speed, and do all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages. It removes the complexities of ingesting and storing all of your data while making it faster to get up and running with batch, streaming, and interactive analytics.  Azure Data Lake works with existing IT investments for identity, management, and security for simplified data management and governance. It also integrates seamlessly with operational stores and data warehouses so you can extend current data applications.

Microsoft is announcing a new and expanded Azure Data Lake that makes big data processing and analytics simpler and more accessible.  The expansion includes Azure Data Lake Store (which is a repository, not a market), Azure Data Lake Analytics and Azure HDInsight.  We’re also releasing tools for Visual Studio, and introducing a new programming language called U-SQL for big data analytics.  And, the product page is already up and ready for you, if you want to be notified when the preview is available.

Microsoft Azure is an ideal platform for big data and analytics.  Only pay for the storage and compute that you need to get the job done. 

Power BI Desktop August Update

It’s only been a few weeks since we announced our GA release and shipped lots of new features, but we’re very glad to announce another update to Power BI Desktop. As we mentioned to you in previous blog posts, GA is only the beginning and we are going to continue delivering lots of new features to you in Power BI Desktop, every month.

This month’s release is packed with lots of new features, from new data connectors to improvements on the Query Editor, Data Modeling and Live Analysis Services Connectivity areas of the product. Read the blog post for a full list of new features, as well as details, screen shots and videos.