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Connecting Agencies and Citizens with Office 2016

So how can the new Office help governments meet workforce and citizen expectations while also helping them operate more effectively? Here are just a few of the ways:

Built for teamwork - for better citizens services:

All over the world, governments are working to improve citizen services, and Office 2016 provides them with the tools they need to easily accomplish this goal. From real-time co-authoring to Skype in-app integration that lets users IM, screen share, talk, and video chat right from within their documents, the new Office includes a wide range of innovative technologies that governments can use to collaborate more easily. The new capabilities with Skype for Business give government agencies a complete, enterprise-grade communications solution as part of Office365 to provide better citizen services and engagement.

Works for you - to improve insights:

Business intelligence is built into Office 2016, so governments can gain deeper insight into spending, budgets, and economic data. Analytical features included in Excel 2016 such as Power BI and one-click forecasting enable government leaders to obtain critical insights that guide their policy decisions. These features also help government leaders to operate more transparently, while addressing key security concerns.

The most Secure Office - for better control and compliance:

Office 2016 is the most secure Office ever. It enables governments to better protect sensitive data across different devices and the cloud while ensuring compliance with government policy and regulations. Improved multi-factor authentication streamlines sign-on across the entire Office suite, and data loss prevention features make it easier for administrators to monitor sensitive information needed to enforce compliance requirements.

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